iGTD Pro tidbits announced

iGTDiGTD, formerly free, will be seeing the introduction of two paid versions sometime soon. iGTD Home&Office will include expanded synching capabilities, along with sharing of tasks between individuals on the local network. iGTD Pro will have the functionality of Home&Office, but will allow much greater access to your iGTD data by backing it up to a central server (possibly allowing such shenanigans as web access). Although there is no release estimate, the developer does intend to sell some of the upcoming features of iGTD Pro as plugins, allowing users to incrementally update their iGTD installation and customize it to their liking.

The free version, now dubbed iGTD Basic, will continue to be available. Cool as these new features sound, I must admit that I am merely hoping that the developer doesn’t make like Microsoft and decide to release iGTD Standard, Enterprise, and Ultimate as well.