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I’ve tried to make Tagamac as simple as possible to navigate, but given that it is a blog content tends to get recycled into the dreaded archives fairly quickly. Hopefully with the following tips and tricks, you’ll find it easy to locate that article that was so helpful in the past that you want to reread.

Although I love lists of three, there’s actually four different features of Tagamac that will hopefully make your life easier when it comes to finding content: the searchbar, sections, tags, and series.

If you are looking for a specific article and you remember what it was about, your best bet is to use the searchbar, located at the top of each page. The search isn’t always the most accurate in the world, but it’s the quickest way to find a specific article. The searchbar will even search static pages, such as my Intro to tags or software list.

If you aren’t looking for something specific, then you might be best off browsing the different sections of the site. Like the main page, they contain the ten most recent posts, but if you only want to see, say, news about software updates then the sections can be very useful. Section links are located in the sidebar, the archives, and at the end of every article next to the date the article was published.

If you are looking for specific topic, such as general advice about tagging, then the site’s tag cloud is a good place to look. There you can browse all articles that match a specific tag, and since most of the tags I use for articles represent discrete topics, you’ll likely get the kind of articles you’re looking for. The tag cloud is linked in the sidebar, or specific tags are attached to the end of every article.

I also group related articles into series. If an article is in a series, you’ll find a table of contents on the article’s permalink page and links at the bottom to navigate to the next and previous articles in the series. For instance, this article is in the “Using Tagamac” series, so you’ll find a table of contents at the top of the page. I link to most of the main series on the site on the Intro to tags page.

Additionally, although it’s almost not worth mentioning, you can use the monthly archive, available via the archives. The monthly archives are exactly like the main page, only sorted by month. If you just want to browse without any purpose, they are your best bet.