iPhoto ’08 adds tagging

iPhotoWhoa, I am slow on the draw! It took the good people over at the Unofficial Apple Weblog to point out that iPhoto ’08 now has tagging (iPhoto calls it keywords).

Although I have yet to play around with it (I’m not a very avid iPhoto or Garageband user, so I didn’t run out to buy iLife ’08 as soon as it hit the shelves), the TUAW screenshots definitely look intriguing. It’s very gratifying that Apple has implemented basic tagging beyond their very basic keywords implementation of versions past, since this will allow users who aren’t comfortable with advanced tagging to still gain its benefits while others who need something a little more powerful will continue to use plugins like Keyword Manager or programs like Shoebox. If only there were a free trial or an upgrade path; I unfortunately do not have $80 lying around for software that I rarely use anyway.