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Keyword Manager update: 1.3.2

Keyword ManagerKeyword Manager, the iPhoto tagging plugin, has been updated to 1.3.2. The only change to the software is that it now works with iPhoto 7.1.

Head over to the Bullstorm website to download the most recent version.

Upgrading to WordPress 2.3

Tagamac has been upgraded to WordPress 2.3, a release of the venerable open source blogging platform mostly notable for its inclusion of tagging. No longer shall bloggers be forced to suffer through Ultimate Tag Warrior’s bizarre installation and mountains of options. Tagging your blog posts is now officially supported.

Well, sort of. Unfortunately, WordPress 2.3 is very bare bones when it comes to tags. No auto-completion. No cloud underneath your editing window. You have to either remember all of your tags, or just go for broke with the random method. [read more...]

KIT update: 1.3.9

KITKIT, a friendly tag-based file library, has been updated to version 1.3.9. This minor release includes Growl 1.1 in the bundle and fixes several minor problems and Leopard compatibility issues.

For more information or to download the latest version, please see the KIT release notes.

PackRat looking for beta testers

PackRatInfiniteNIL, the developer of PackRat, is looking for beta testers. The PackRat beta has been updated to interface with the latest Backpack changes, and will now present your items in the same order as on Backpack. Additionally, the developer is offering free licenses to beta testers who “prove useful”. Although you probably won’t be able to get a free license by signing up and submitting a single bug, if you like Backpack and are good at beta testing it may be worth your while.

You can read more about the beta test on infiniteNIL’s blog, or shoot an email to rod to request a spot in the beta test.

Easy choices

I like to think about things. I especially like thinking about things logically, piece-by-piece. Tagamac itself is a great example of this; it seems to me that most blogs get started because someone thinks to themselves, “I wanna blog about Spam!” (or whatever random topic) and sits down and does it. I thought to myself, “Gee, tagging is swell!” and then sat down and methodically listed out the things that I would write about. Seriously; I’ve got the OmniOutliner documents to prove it.

This tendency also translates into my advice on tagging. When I came up with the idea of “the what“, it was because I had sat down and tried to think of the most efficient way to tag. The article didn’t come from a system; the system came from the article. But mine is not the only way. [read more...]

VoodooPad update: 3.2.1

VoodooPadAlthough it isn’t strictly a tagging app, VoodooPad has been updated to version 3.2.1. VoodooPad is a Wiki-style notepad that recently began offering tag-style categories as one of its side features. This update includes a large number of bug fixes and feature improvements. Most notably from my point of view is new support for linking to email messages via MailTags’ message:// protocol.

Even if it isn’t very strong on tagging, VoodooPad is still one of my favorite applications for brainstorming and idea generation, and is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t previously. For more information about the 3.2.1 release, see the release notes.

FileSpot on sale today only

FileSpotAlthough I didn’t know a big sale was coming when I wrote it, I reviewed FileSpot three days ago and now it’s on sale today, September 19th, 2007 for 40% off at the MacUpdate Promo.

FileSpot is a fantastic program that I highly recommend for everyone, and you can’t beat today’s price. Check out my review if you want the full scoop, or download the program for yourself and marvel at how easy it makes using Spotlight.

FileSpot review: indispensable Spotlight enhancement

Distinguished (9)FileSpot ($20) is distinguished, highly recommended, and Tagamac’s choice. I have assigned it an arbitrary numerical rating of 9 out of 10. (about Tagamac’s rating system)

Straight to the point: FileSpot is a Spotlight utility whose simple and intuitive interface makes amazingly powerful searches available to everyday users in a way that Spotlight never dreamed of. Despite some minor flaws, FileSpot is a tool that should be downloaded by anyone who searches their computer. [read more...]

Should PackRat abandon BackPack?

PackRatInfiniteNIL, developer of PackRat (the desktop Backpack client), is fed up with 37signals’ crummy support for the Backpack API and seeking customer input. If you use PackRat / Backpack, the developer would love to hear whether you’d prefer to see PackRat grow into a more powerful desktop program, or if it should stick close to Backpack, no matter the trials and tribulations.

If you’re just itching to share your opinion, you can visit the original blog post or contact them directly.

MailTags update: 2.1

MailTagsMailTags, the essential tagging plugin for Apple’s, has been updated to version 2.1. This update includes the ability to tag an incoming message and have all other messages in that thread automatically tagged, a French localization, fixes to several IMAP tagging issues, interface fixes, and more. Additionally, if you’ve tried MailTags 2.0 but never registered, 2.1 extends the trial period for another 21 days.

For more details, please see the release notes. MailTags is definitely not a program to miss.