LaunchBar on sale today only

LaunchBarAlthough this has nothing to do with tagging and I hate the fact that I keep posting irrelevant links, this really is too good to pass up. LaunchBar is on sale today, September 10, 2007 for 50% off. This deal is available through MacZot.

To be honest, LaunchBar is such amazingly good software that I’d advise buying it for the full price from the developer. However, if you need a great sale to convince you, then head over MacZot. I switched from Quicksilver to LaunchBar a month or two ago, and I haven’t looked back. LaunchBar has been far more stable, well-supported, and easy-to-use than Quicksilver ever was. Ironically, of course, it doesn’t have anywhere near the easy access to file system tagging that Quicksilver provides, but there you go. I love tagging, but I’ll take superior software over software with tagging any day.