Notae update: 2.2

NotaeNotae, the completely tag-based digital notebook, has been updated to version 2.2. New features in this version include the ability to set certain notes as templates to later insert them into other notes via contextual menu, more robust contextual menus, the ability to auto-save documents when they close, and partial tag name matching in the search field when searching either all fields or tags. Numerous bug fixes are included, as well.

Although it is not perfect for every situation, Notae is one of my favorite applications for collecting large quantities of notes (I use it to track the tagging software over on the software page, among other things) and its tagging implementation is one of the best you’ll find in Mac software. If you’re looking for a simple application to gather your random snippets of text in, definitely give Notae a look. For more information about the 2.2 release, see the changelog or the 2.2 release announcement.