Booxter update: 2.0.4

BooxterBooxter, a tag-friendly Delicious Library competitor that I only recently made aware of, has been updated to 2.0.4. This minor update brings a German localization, fixes a UPC parsing bug and Booxter 1.x import bug, and resolves an issue under 10.5 where Booxter panels would overlap the Dock in some instances. Unfortunately, there are no release notes except through the program’s auto-updated.

Booxter is definitely an interesting product, and worth a second look if you’ve been disillusioned by Delicious Library’s lack of any reasonably powerful way to sort and browse your collection. Although its tag cloud style browsing is fairly useless if you have any middling to large collection, the inclusion of smart views is alone worth the price of admission, even if tagging (via “keywords”) is fairly well hidden within the interface.