Getting Together: upgrading from KIT

TogetherAs a major upgrade to KIT (and a worthy upgrade it is), Together 2.0 has increased slightly in price from $24.95 to $39. People who bought a KIT license in the last three months (after Aug. 15, 2007) will get a free upgrade; just go to the Reinvented Store, choose the “upgrade” option for Together, and enter your old serial. Other KIT owners will need to upgrade for $14.95, roughly the difference in price.

The developer has stated that he wants to make the upgrade as smooth as possible, and because KIT and Together have incompatible file libraries Together’s library now lives in a new home (your documents folder) and it will offer to import your KIT library the first time you run the program if it finds it. If you just want to try Together but may still use KIT for a while, then just refuse the import; you can always do it later from the File menu.