Together 2.0: a complete KIT overhaul

TogetherReinvented Software has just released Together 2.0, a Leopard-only update to Keep It Together (KIT) that breathes entirely new life into the program. Although I was never tempted away from my beloved EagleFiler by KIT (and would, if I wanted a database-driven file library, probably have used Yojimbo before KIT as well), Together 2.0 provides a number of features that make it a solid contender in the file library market.

The most obvious new feature is the Together Shelf, a little black tab that hovers over the side of your screen (which side is up to you) and allows you to quickly drag and drop files into Together’s library. Together still provides tags (in a tag cloud), but now also automatically provides “system tags” based on labels, folders, and so forth to help augment tagging for those who are not yet used to it. A portrait layout takes advantage of widescreen monitors, Quick Look and its own powerful previewing are fully supported, and the addition of smart groups and folders add an additional level of hierarchical organization. Together’s library of files has also moved into the documents folder, and although I have yet been able to test this fully (due to problems importing files) it appears that Together stores files in a Finder-friendly format based on the same folder structure that you use within the program.

Together is definitely an application to try out, if only for its lickable interface and user-friendly approach to file management. If you’d like more info, please see the Together website, or read the 2.0 release notes.