Code Collector Pro update: 1.1.1

Code Collector ProCode Collector Pro, the tag-based code snippets manager, has been updated to version 1.1.1. This minor release fixes a crash for PPC users when syntax highlighting was turned on, and as such is highly recommended for all users. For more info and release notes, visit the Code Collector Pro page.

In more exciting news, the developer posted a very tantalizing link along with the update notes to Although I don’t have any insider info or anything, it would appear that he is busy at work designing a web counterpart to Code Collector Pro. I haven’t been using Code Collector myself (because my most-used snippets are in TextMate bundles and I haven’t had time to track down the lesser used ones), but if a future version of Code Collector allows you to sync your snippets online and then access them from anywhere (maybe share them with others?), then I’m ready to set some time aside and start collecting that code.