Things preview coming to a computer near you

ThingsPublic preview invitations for the alpha version of Things, the tag-based GTD app from Cultured Code, have begun to be distributed. If you’re already on the preview list you should already have received your invite or be receiving it soon-ish (I’m not sure whether invitations are being sent out in bulk or in waves).

Things is still not feature-complete, but particularly since the last alpha version (which you can see in my Things screencast) making Things my primary task manager has been a no-brainer thanks to the inclusion of a bug-free Quick Entry window and the ability to link to just about anything in the file system in the notes area of a task. Synching is still MIA and the team features aren’t fully implemented, but if you’re on the preview list, you’re in for a treat (although for many people, it will probably need to mature before you can use it full time).