MarsEdit update: 2.1

MarsEditMarsEdit, the excellent desktop blog editing software from Red Sweater Software, was updated to version 2.1 this morning, an update particularly exciting because one of the major new features is a true tagging interface for blogs running WordPress or MovableType. Although WordPress bloggers could in the past use the keywords field to tag their posts, MarsEdit now features a standard token-based tag field and remembers tags you’ve entered in the past in order to provide auto-completion. 2.1 also introduces the ability to search locally stored blog posts, and includes the ability, flawed though it may be thanks WordPress and MovableType’s issues, to save drafts to the server instead of just to your local machine.

The update is available via the in-program auto-updating or from the MarsEdit homepage. For more information, see the 2.1 blog announcement or the release notes.