MailTags 2.2 released

MailTagsAt long last MailTags 2.2 has emerged out of beta and is ready for general consumption. MailTags 2.2 is Leopard-only, free for all registered 2.x users, and offers significant improvements over 2.1, including new support for tagging RSS feeds in Mail, tagging Mail notes, and a new extensible architecture under the hood that should allow either Indev or third parties to extend MailTags’ functionality in interesting ways.

If you’ve never tried MailTags, I highly recommend it. MailTags is one of those rare programs that can become an irreplaceable part of your workflow during its trial period, and is not to be missed for anyone for whom email is a central part of their productive workday. For more details about the 2.2 release in general, see the MailTags homepage, the general release notes, or the detailed release notes.