Things update: 0.9

ThingsThings, the beautiful tag-based task manager that I’ve mooned over before, has been updated to version 0.9 (beta). This version adds recurring tasks, the ability to choose your Things library location (just hold down option while launching Things), hierarchical tags in the tag drop-down menu, and numerous welcome bug fixes and performance enhancements.

I can’t recommend Things highly enough. I’ve been using it since shortly before I recorded the screencast in November, and my opinion has only improved. Things is simply the easiest, most flexible solution to task management that I’ve found, I have a lot of respect for the developers’ creative vision, and the burgeoning Things community is great. For more information about the 0.9 release, see the blog posts on recurring tasks and the 0.9 release announcement or the release notes. Things is, as always, free to use until its release, and I’ve found it to be extremely stable. Bugs tend to be cosmetic rather than data-threatening.