Yojimbo Tag Cleanup

For those Yojimbo users out there, you may be interested to hear that Steven Huey just released Yojimbo Tag Cleanup, a simple application (essentially a collection of Applescript commands and command-line searches with a GUI) intended to help you locate the tags in Yojimbo that you are no longer using. It’s all too easy with tagging software to lose track of which tags are useful citizens and which are cruft that has hung around past its prime. With the artfully named Yojimbo Tag Cleanup, finding abandoned tags in Yojimbo should be much simpler.

On a somewhat related tangent, one of the features that I would love to see in tagging software would be simple statistics tracking. When using tags, the most useful information you can have is how much attention you give to a certain tag. How often you’ve used it versus how often you’ve browsed or searched for it, for instance. Being able to see explicitly what attention you give tags can make optimizing a tagging system extremely easy and save you a lot of unnecessary tagging that you may do out of habit. Yojimbo Tag Cleanup is a simple step in the right direction in this regard; it’s a shame that there aren’t any easy ways for third parties to help you identify other aspects of your tagging habits.