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Code Collector Pro update: 1.2.2

Code Collector ProCode Collector Pro has been updated to version 1.2.2. This minor update includes Ruby on Rails Textmate bundles by default, adds command-option-F as a shortcut to jump to the search field, and fixes a couple of bugs.

For more information, see the 1.2.2 blog announcement or release notes.

EagleFiler update: 1.3.2

EagleFilerAck, am I behind on the times. EagleFiler was recently updated to version 1.3.2. This minor update includes faster indexed searches when there’s lots of results found, better behavior in the “capture with options” window’s title and from fields, and numerous small bug fixes (including a couple 10.5-only problems).

For more information, see the EagleFiler 1.3.2 announcement. No new features it looks like; just a worthwhile bug fix update.

WebnoteHappy update: 1.3.2

WebnoteHappyWebnoteHappy, my bookmark manager of choice, has been updated to version 1.3.2. This minor update includes shortcut support for the recently released Camino 1.6, the ability to tab to the tag browser, the ability to access tags via Applescript, and numerous bug fixes (one Leopard-specific).

For more details, see the release notes. If you’ve been wondering how to handle your bookmarks, WebnoteHappy is a great option. The only black mark against the program, in my opinion, is the lack of integration with Ma.gnolia (it’s Still a great example of a program that makes simple tagging just work.

Cha-Ching update: 1.2.3

Cha-ChingNever rains but it pours: Cha-Ching was also updated yesterday, bumping it to version 1.2.3. This minor update now allows you to sort by tags from the Print panel, fixes some MacHeist registration issues, and adds importing to QIF notes.

The developers have also revealed their upgrade policy to Cha-Ching 2.0 in the 1.2.3 update blog post. It sounds like 2.0 will be bringing a lot of improvements to the tagging in Cha-Ching (both in the interface and behind the scenes), but I otherwise haven’t heard much about what’s on Cha-Ching’s horizon.

Together update: 2.0.10

TogetherTogether was recently updated to version 2.0.10. This minor update adds spacing, links, lists, and tables to the text formatting menu; fixes a problem when searching for filenames that contained Unicode characters, and improves performance and memory usage when moving or trashing folders.

For more details and to download, see the Together release notes.

Default Folder X update: 4.0.4

Default Folder XDefault Folder X was updated to 4.0.4 yesterday. This minor update includes a number of different bug fixes, including a crash fix caused by entering accented characters in the Spotlight comments box. For more details and to download, see the Default Folder X release notes.

Aside from being an indispensable tool for file system tagging solutions that use Spotlight comments, Default Folder X is a great all-around enhancement to the file system’s save and open dialogs. This is one of those pieces of software that became an irreplaceable part of my workflow as soon as I launched it; I highly recommend it.

MacUpdate Parallels Promo

Today the MacUpdate “Parallels” Promo was launched. This bundle is a surprisingly good one, and includes a number of useful tagging applications including Leap, StoryMill, and Hazel. The apps that become unlocked if the bundle does well are also extremely appealing (Sound Studio and Parallels Desktop are both apps that I use myself). And MenuCalendarClock iCal is one of those apps that you’ll install and forget it’s there because its functionality should have been written into the OS.

I highly recommend the MacUpdate promo bundle if only for Leap and StoryMill. Leap in particular is probably the best file system tagging solution available, and StoryMill is my favorite creative writing software (and uses tagging for its primary organization). Assuming the bundle sells well enough to unlock all ten apps, you’ll be getting $474.76 worth of software for $65. Most surprising is that more than 50% of the apps are worth buying (normally with these bundles two or three are worthwhile and the rest are all fluff). FYI: the MacUpdate link in this post is an affiliate link because while I would have recommended this bundle anyway, I’d love it if someday Tagamac at least paid for its hosting costs. Click through from here if you want to show me a little love, or just visit MacUpdate on your own if you hate affiliate links in your soul.

EagleFiler update: 1.3.1

EagleFilerEagleFiler, my favorite file library, has been updated to version 1.3.1. This minor version brings a number of bug fixes and improvements, including the ability to use the @ character in tag names, searching for partial tag names when searching for multiple parameters, and a fix for a problem where writing out tags to Spotlight comments wasn’t working.

There’s a slew of other fixes and so forth, as well, so take a look at the 1.3.1 blog announcement if you’re interested.

MarsEdit update: 2.1.3

MarsEditMarsEdit, the excellent blogging desktop client, has been updated to version 2.1.3. This minor version increase brings better draft status detection to the recently released WordPress 2.5 and Blogger, adds support for viewing a post’s tags in the preview template, ceases to escape characters in URLs inserted via macros, and includes a number of other minor fixes.

For details, see the MarsEdit 2.1.3 blog announcement. I highly recommend MarsEdit; as long as you’re comfortable with basic HTML, it vastly reduces the effort necessary to keep a blog up to date and the developer is very responsive and friendly.

Default Folder X update: 4.0.3

Default Folder XI’m a bit behind on the times, but last week Default Folder X was updated to version 4.0.3. This minor update fixes a memory issue in Carbon applications, adds contextual menus to Open and Save dialogs, and includes numerous other minor bug fixes. Definitely worth a download for Default Folder X users, but not much exciting or new to tempt new folks over.

For more information, see the Default Folder X release notes.