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Code Collector Pro update: 1.2.3

Code Collector ProCode Collector Pro has been updated to version 1.2.3. This minor release simply fixes some syncing problems with, but aside from its version number is otherwise unremarkable.

The update is available via the in-program auto-update, or from the Code Collector Pro website.

Leap update: 1.0.5

LeapLeap, the promising file system tagging solution from Ironic Software, has been updated to version 1.0.5. This minor version is primarily a bug fix release (including fixes for OmniOutliner documents and other custom file types where Spotlight comments would not be set, a new contextual menu for bookmarks, and a crash that could occur when a tag was removed in certain situations), but it also includes at least one fun new feature: you can now exclude tags and file types by command clicking on them in the sidebar, which will turn them red. One of the big annoyances that I have with tagging software is that it usually makes it easy to do AND boolean searches and difficult to do anything else. The ability to do exclusionary searches in Leap with a simple click is definitely welcome.

For more information, you’ll need to view the in-program auto-update notes as Ironic Software does not supply release notes otherwise.

EagleFiler update: 1.3.3

EagleFilerEagleFiler has been updated to version 1.3.3, a minor update that fixes a wide range of bugs and includes some slightly changed functionality for the capturing with options window, new placeholder text in the tags bar to make it more obvious you can edit it, the ability to capture from Opera, and a large number of other minor tweaks and changes.

For more information or to download, see the 1.3.3 release notes.

Together update: 2.1

TogetherTogether, one of my favorite file libraries (along with EagleFiler and Yojimbo), today received a big update to version 2.1. I can’t wait to give Together 2.1 a spin, as some of its new features are extremely exciting: .Mac syncing, the ability to target specific groups with smart groups (including other smart groups), “group tags” so that when you add an item to a group the tags associated with it are applied to the item automatically, a global hot key for importing, the ability to completely hide the shelf (until you mouse over that part of the screen), two-way syncing for Spotlight comment tags, and automatic importing anything moved into Together’s folders in the Finder.

And that’s just a few of my favorite new features; version 2.1 has a slew of other enhancements available, as well (see the short version or the full release notes for more info). Together was already a great application, but with its improved organization, syncing, and Finder integration, Together 2.1 is a serious competitor with both Yojimbo and EagleFiler (rather than an alternative with different strengths, as I’ve characterized it in the past). With this version also comes a downloadable importer to migrate your Yojimbo database into Together. If you haven’t tried Together yet, I highly recommend you take a peek at the improvements offered in version 2.1. It will be well worth your while.

Keyword Manager on sale today only

Keyword ManagerKeyword Manager, a standby for iPhoto-related tagging, is on sale today, May 5, 2008 only for 50% off over at MacZot.

Definitely a good deal if you’re interested in an easier way to tag your photos than iPhoto’s built-in keywords functionality. Keyword Manager provides an attractive HUD interface, hierarchical keywords, and more.