Together update: 2.1

TogetherTogether, one of my favorite file libraries (along with EagleFiler and Yojimbo), today received a big update to version 2.1. I can’t wait to give Together 2.1 a spin, as some of its new features are extremely exciting: .Mac syncing, the ability to target specific groups with smart groups (including other smart groups), “group tags” so that when you add an item to a group the tags associated with it are applied to the item automatically, a global hot key for importing, the ability to completely hide the shelf (until you mouse over that part of the screen), two-way syncing for Spotlight comment tags, and automatic importing anything moved into Together’s folders in the Finder.

And that’s just a few of my favorite new features; version 2.1 has a slew of other enhancements available, as well (see the short version or the full release notes for more info). Together was already a great application, but with its improved organization, syncing, and Finder integration, Together 2.1 is a serious competitor with both Yojimbo and EagleFiler (rather than an alternative with different strengths, as I’ve characterized it in the past). With this version also comes a downloadable importer to migrate your Yojimbo database into Together. If you haven’t tried Together yet, I highly recommend you take a peek at the improvements offered in version 2.1. It will be well worth your while.