Evernote now in open beta

evernote.pngEvernote, the access-anywhere application for storing notes and images, is now an open beta (no more needing to be invited!). Among other changes, this release also finally reveals the Evernote revenue plan: there are now free and premium accounts. Although both accounts can store as much stuff online as you want, the free account only lets you upload 40 megabytes a month while the $5/month premium account allows you to upload 500 megabytes a month (along with a few other perks).

Evernote is very cool, and well worth checking out. Although I’ve been slightly underwhelmed with the Mac client (hopefully I’ll get a preview/review up here soon, although it’s been on the burner for months) the service has a lot to recommend it (for details see the Evernote website or the numerous places around the web where people have been lavishing praise on the service). For details about the recent public beta release, check out the Evernote blog post on the topic.