Hazel update: 2.2

HazelHazel, a program for automatically doing any number of things to files on your Mac, has been updated to version 2.2. This version includes the ability to create patterns for matches, the ability to embed AppleScripts or shell scripts directly into your rules, relative date matching, and much more. For details, see the release notes.

Hazel is one of those one-of-a-kind pieces of software that can be amazingly helpful if you take the time to set it up but may at first glance seem too esoteric to be worth downloading. Admittedly, I have never taken the time myself yet, but particularly if you are trying to create a file system tagging workflow Hazel could be an essential part of making sure that all your files get tagged and sorted as you create them without having to expend a lot of effort along the way. Hopefully sometime in the near future I’ll be able to play with it and provide a bit more specific advice; for now, though, you should definitely be aware of the possibilities of Hazel if you’re trying to automate your tagging tasks.