Things touch update: 1.1

Things TouchFor any of those not aware (which is probably a small crowd thanks to this update being noted by Gruber and elsewhere), Things touch (the iPhone/iPod Touch version of the Things task manager) has been updated to 1.1. The big addition to this version is that Things can now sync the Things desktop and touch versions over your local wireless network. At long last, Things on my iPhone isn’t going to be a worthless placeholder! Version 1.1 also includes improvements to task entry, an app icon badge, the ability to customize the automatic logging behavior, and localizations into Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Although I haven’t had a chance to try it yet (thanks to the aforementioned trip to San Francisco), I’m really excited to finally be able to hook up Things on my computer (which I use constantly) and Things on my iPhone (which I have launched once when I downloaded it). Unfortunately, Things touch still does not support tags or areas, but Cultured Code is promising those in the near future. For more information about Things touch 1.1, see the Things touch 1.1 announcement.