Archive for September, 2008

Pukka update: 1.7.2

PukkaPukka, a Delicious and Ma.gnolia client, was updated today to 1.7.2. This minor update brings no new features, instead focusing on performance and speed. Launch time has been decreased, and Pukka’s performance on background tasks has been optimized to make it much faster. (1.7.1 was also recently released, but it mainly contained minor user experience improvements like better keyboard navigation.)

For more information, see the 1.7.2 blog post.

Together updated: 2.1.7

TogetherTogether has been updated to version 2.1.7. This minor update includes a number of bug fixes, but no new features. Changes include performance improvements for checking for external file changes, allowing shortcut keys to be set to F-keys without modifiers, making sure Together search works after switching libraries, preventing file imports from failing when the folder being imported needs to be renamed, and more.

For full details or to download, check out the release notes.