Together update: 2.2

TogetherAlthough I’ve been using it since its release, I evidently forgot to remark on the fact that Together has been updated to version 2.2 (and soon after bumped to 2.2.1). This version is a major point release that includes a mixture of new features—notably intelligent auto-tagging, the ability to nest tags in bundles, and the ability to nest groups and smart groups in folders—and a large number of minor improvements—which are frankly too numerous to list, but affect everything from groups and tabs to previews and imports and beyond.

This is another great update to an already excellent program, and since most of the big improvements have to do with how you view and use tags Together 2.2 is definitely worth another look for anyone who needs a simple way to tag and track their files. For complete details on the update, see the release notes or the 2.2 blog announcement.