Default Folder X adds OpenMeta support

Default Folder XDefault Folder X, the “can’t live without” enhancement for open and save dialogs, has added support for OpenMeta tagging in version 4.2. This means that you can now tag a file when you save it, which is by far the best time to do so since it obviates the need to process files multiple times in order to tag them (needing to go back over files to organize them after the fact may be the biggest barrier to tagging). Version 4.2 also includes a new Applescript command, allows you to see invisible folders in save dialogs by holding down option when selecting “Save As”, and includes several bug fixes.

I highly recommend Default Folder X even if you have no interest in OpenMeta (it’s a fantastic utility), but this release is basically a must-have for anyone trying to setup an OpenMeta-driven tagging system. For more details about the release, see the Default Folder X release notes.