Snippet released

SnippetFor those developers who want something with a little more dazzle and a little less cost than the venerable Code Collector Pro, the newly released Snippet may be just the thing. Snippet offers a very simple HUD-style menubar window, accessed by the shorcut control-S. When you want to copy a previous snippet, just type control-S and start typing to search for it. To create a new snippet, control-S and then command-N. The interface is universally slick, with windows popping in and out, flipping over, and generally providing eye candy, and the program has some great features, like synchronization via MobileMe. And of course the program provides easy search hinting and organization using tags.

Snippet definitely is a 1.0, though. There are no menus to speak of and some of the user interactions are anything but intuitive, so before you use it you’ll want to check out the Help documentation on the Snippet website to brush up on the keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, there is also no way yet to paste your snippet directly into the frontmost app; you’ll have to copy it to your clipboard and then paste it into the app. However, despite these downsides Snippet is certainly an interesting and polished-looking offering that’s worth trying out if you’ve ever had problems synchronizing frequently-used code between multiple computers.