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Apologies for the dead feed

Apologies to folks for the dead RSS feed that’s been hanging around for the past month; I switched hosts at the beginning of January, and the transition has been more rocky than I expected (thanks to the host not doing some standard things like providing easy emailing via PHP or standard server variables, but not notifying customers adequately). I’ve fixed the problems that were interfering with the Tagamac feed, though, and since things have been slow recently you haven’t missed much.

While I’m on the topic of the site itself, I’d like to let folks know that I’m aware Tagamac is languishing a bit. I’ve got a reimplementation and redesign of the site in the works, but it’s taking a while to get it up and running thanks to external distractions. In the meantime, things are likely to continue to be slow here for a while; I’ll still publish notable software updates and any articles that I’m inspired to write, but I’ll be letting some of the minor updates slip by unmentioned.

Tags 2.0 released

Tags 2.0Tags 2.0, a major rewrite of the file system tagging solution from Gravity Apps, has been released. This update feels like a completely different application; gone are the stylized custom interface elements of old, replaced by a HUD-style window (for tagging items), a standard 3-pane window for browsing tags, and a Spotlight-like search bar. The underlying tagging system is apparently also changed (while still supporting OpenMeta), although I couldn’t find any details about what specifically has changed. In addition to the cosmetic changes, the program now offers support for many more applications and has apparently been improved in other, less obvious ways (though the developers are pretty scant with the details.

Tags 2.0 requires 10.6 and is a free update for licensed users of Tags 1.0 (although you do have to manually choose to register it, as they have added a one-time activation over the internet). Although I’m unsure if Tags still has a place in my personal workflow, this is definitely an update worthy of attention if you’ve been looking for a tagging solution for your Snow Leopard machine that’s a bit simpler to use than Leap. For slightly more info about the update, see the 2.0 release announcement.