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Glossary added

I’ve added a glossary of the tagging terms I use on Tagamac. I’ll add terms to it as I use them in articles; currently it features the terms that I defined in Parts of Tagging, Tag Browsers, and Tagging Best Practices. Currently it’s a pretty short list.

My goal is to keep all the terms I use either immediately obvious or simple enough that someone who has no experience with tagging can pick them up easily. Regardless of whether I achieve that goal, I figure a glossary for reference can never hurt. Plus it makes me feel so important (“I have my own glossary! Whoopee! Who needs grad school, anyway?”).

RSS mixup

I just wanted to issue an apology to anyone who is using RSS to connect to Tagamac; I accidentally broke it today, but didn’t notice until tonight. It should now be fixed, however.

Welcome to Tagamac!

Welcome to Tagamac, a new blog about Mac OS X software and the ubiquitous tag. Over the next several weeks I will be writing about tags and the Macintosh, from general information about what exactly tags are and how they are used, to specifically looking at the software on the Mac that uses tags.

You can look forward to updates on all of the Mac software that uses tags (that I’ve found, anyway), reviews of Mac tagging software, and general information about tagging that will hopefully be useful even for those who do not use tags on the Mac.

Although this may seem odd, at least at first I will not be discussing tags as an internet phenomenon. Tags may have gained their primary impetus through collaborative online spaces, but I have found that at least for me, the intrigue and the challenge of tags is less how I can use them online (which generally is fairly straight-forward) and more about how I can integrate them into the organization on my computer. Perhaps I will begin to look at tags online more in the future, but for now Tagamac is just like its name sounds: tagging on the Mac.

I hope you enjoy! The easiest way to read Tagamac is to subscribe via RSS (link at the top of the page). If you aren’t sure what RSS is all about, please read about RSS, including recommendations for RSS software. Also, I would love to hear your feedback on the site, the content, the design, or what you had for breakfast today. Please think about contacting me.