About RSS

What it is

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a technology that allows you to stay up-to-date with sites that update their content regularly (like Tagamac) without having to visit the site in your browser. Subscribing to a site’s RSS feed allows you to access its content whenever it is updated without having to share your information for a newsletter or other similar subscription.

If you read several sites regularly, RSS is usually the simplest way to access them.

Why use it

You can visit some sites every day and know that there will be new content; however, Tagamac has no set publication schedule. Some days I may publish several articles; some times there may be a week or more between articles. By subscribing to the site with RSS you never have to worry about missing an article.

How to use it

There are many ways to use RSS. Most browsers (including Safari 2+ and Firefox) will allow you to read RSS feeds. However, I recommend downloading a specialized piece of software, called an RSS reader. On the Mac NetNewsWire is a very popular reader. My personal favorite, though, is NewsFire. Or, if you don’t want to pay for your RSS reader, Vienna is an excellent free reader.

If the RSS readers don’t appeal to you, there are countless online services as well. Some popular ones include Google Reader, NewsGator Online, Bloglines, and of course My Yahoo!

Using Windows, but still want to subscribe? Check out some of the readers on Blogspace’s RSS readers page.

In general, clicking the RSS link at the top of the page will subscribe you to Tagamac in your default RSS reader. You can generally select your default reader in the reader’s preferences, or (for Mac users) in the RSS section of the Safari preferences. For online services, you will likely need to refer to their documentation.

Have it your way

If you want to only subscribe to certain sections of Tagamac (such as general tagging articles or software updates), you can do that, too! Just click the links below to subscribe to individual sections: