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MailTags update: 2.2.1

MailTagsMailTags, one of my favorite and most-used tagging plugins, has been updated to version 2.2.1. This minor version bump includes the ability to undo tag edits, a improved stability, and some bug fixes including a fix for an issue where tags were not being included in replies and forwards.

For more information and to download, visit the MailTags release notes.

Together update: 2.1.3

TogetherTogether, a file library whose recent 2.1 update makes it one of the most compelling choices for tag-happy users, was updated today to version 2.1.3. This minor update includes a number of bug fixes, including fixes for a crash that occurred when indexing in the background, preventative measures when trying to link to the same file twice, and a problem where PDF attachments were not displayed in Quick Look previews. the Yojimbo Importer also received a minor update, including the option to choose what kinds of Yojimbo items to import.

For more details or to download, see the Together release notes.

EagleFiler update: 1.3.2

EagleFilerAck, am I behind on the times. EagleFiler was recently updated to version 1.3.2. This minor update includes faster indexed searches when there’s lots of results found, better behavior in the “capture with options” window’s title and from fields, and numerous small bug fixes (including a couple 10.5-only problems).

For more information, see the EagleFiler 1.3.2 announcement. No new features it looks like; just a worthwhile bug fix update.

WebnoteHappy update: 1.3.2

WebnoteHappyWebnoteHappy, my bookmark manager of choice, has been updated to version 1.3.2. This minor update includes shortcut support for the recently released Camino 1.6, the ability to tab to the tag browser, the ability to access tags via Applescript, and numerous bug fixes (one Leopard-specific).

For more details, see the release notes. If you’ve been wondering how to handle your bookmarks, WebnoteHappy is a great option. The only black mark against the program, in my opinion, is the lack of integration with Ma.gnolia (it’s Del.icio.us-only). Still a great example of a program that makes simple tagging just work.

MailTags 2.2 released

MailTagsAt long last MailTags 2.2 has emerged out of beta and is ready for general consumption. MailTags 2.2 is Leopard-only, free for all registered 2.x users, and offers significant improvements over 2.1, including new support for tagging RSS feeds in Mail, tagging Mail notes, and a new extensible architecture under the hood that should allow either Indev or third parties to extend MailTags’ functionality in interesting ways.

If you’ve never tried MailTags, I highly recommend it. MailTags is one of those rare programs that can become an irreplaceable part of your workflow during its trial period, and is not to be missed for anyone for whom email is a central part of their productive workday. For more details about the 2.2 release in general, see the MailTags homepage, the general release notes, or the detailed release notes.

EagleFiler update: 1.3

EagleFilerEagleFiler, my personal favorite file library, has been updated to version 1.3. This is a pretty hefty update with a slew of bug fixes and minor new features. Some highlights: you can now “capture with options”, allowing you to set a variety of metadata when you capture something (instead of forcing you to go back over everything after the fact); Quick Look is now used to display files that EagleFiler doesn’t understand (in OS 10.5 only, of course); an Untagged folder has been added to the Source List (hallelujah!); EagleFiler can now capture from Address Book, Flock, Pages, OmniGraffle, and others (and has improved capture in several applications); and a bunch of other stuff like improved speed/efficiency, less RAM use for large libraries, better Applescript, more frequent checks on the To Import folder, and much, much more.

For the full release notes and a direct link to the download, see the EagleFiler 1.3 blog announcement. This is definitely a worthy version bump to an application that’s already great, and I highly recommend downloading it soon if you’re using EagleFiler.

Punakea update: 0.4, Leopard only

PunakeaPunaka, the free file system tagging solution from nudge:nudge, has been updated to version 0.4 (technically beta software, but very stable). Punakea now requires OS 10.5, but if you’re running Leopard it’s well worth a download. Features include the ability to edit tags from directly within the tag browser, a Tags folder that automatically generates a folder structure corresponding to the tags you attach to files (complete with file aliases; this ain’t no smart folder, folks), a new Drop Box folder that will automatically attach tags to any files saved there (by default “untagged”), and numerous interface brush-ups and under-the-hood improvements.

Punakea is an excellent choice if you’re looking for file system tagging, but there is one major caveat: Punakea uses a very unfriendly syntax for Spotlight comment tagging. Although this means you can use spaces in your tags, tagging files by hand using Punakea’s syntax is difficult at best. The program provides workarounds (an excellent, unobtrusive sidebar for one), but to tag with Punakea you generally have to have the program running all the time. For more details about this update, see the release notes. Punakea 0.3.2 is still available for Tiger users.

Together update: 2.0.8

TogetherTogether, the file library formerly known as K.I.T., has been updated to version 2.0.8. This minor update includes the option to automatically launch Together at login coupled with the option to hide Together’s library window on launch, improved performance in numerous areas, and a number of helpful bug fixes and minor UI enhancements. If you find yourself running Together constantly in the background so that you can collect your info and notes in one place, this is a good update to download.

For the full story, see the Together release notes. As always, Together is OS 10.5-only.

Yep update: 1.7.6

Yep!Yep, the PDF tagging file library from the makers of Leap, has been updated to version 1.7.6 today. This minor update fixes a Leopard TWAIN bug, a problem where Yep would sometimes stop saving tags if Leap was installed, and a number of other small fixes. Additionally, the trial period has been reset, so if you’ve used up your trial and want to give Yep another go, you’re in luck!

As is common for Ironic Software, there are no release notes available unless you download the program or auto-update, although some details are available via MacUpdate. Yep is $34, or $10 when purchased with Leap (for a total cost of $69).

MailTags 2.2 public beta 5

MailTagsAnother MailTags 2.2 public beta has been released, this one marked as release candidate 1. Included in this beta is the option to uninstall MailTags if your trial has expired, a reset to the 21 day trial period for all you who want to continue to play with it without registering, various IMAP bug fixes, and a number of new preference fixes and new options to help with managing your tags.

As always, keep in mind that this is beta software (and won’t run on OS 10.4). For more information and to download the beta, see the MailTags for Leopard beta page.