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Pukka update: 1.8

PukkaPukka, the light-weight Delicious client from Code Sorcery, was recently updated to version 1.8. This update includes bookmark searching from the menu-bar (a la Spotlight), full Applescript access to bookmarks, and the ability to drag and drop your accounts to reorder them (with the top one serving as your default account). It additionally includes improvements under the hood like code signing and similar improvements.

For details, see the Pukka 1.8 blog announcement. Pukka is probably your best bet if you want a desktop Delicious client (my favorite bookmark manager is WebnoteHappy, but sadly its developer does not appear to be actively developing it any more), and is a very streamlined way to save and access bookmarks, particularly with the introduction of searching.

Pukka update: 1.7.2

PukkaPukka, a Delicious and Ma.gnolia client, was updated today to 1.7.2. This minor update brings no new features, instead focusing on performance and speed. Launch time has been decreased, and Pukka’s performance on background tasks has been optimized to make it much faster. (1.7.1 was also recently released, but it mainly contained minor user experience improvements like better keyboard navigation.)

For more information, see the 1.7.2 blog post.

Recent updates for mid-August 2008

Thanks to attending An Event Apart I’ve been in San Francisco the past few days and have fallen slightly behind on updates. There have been three minor updates in the somewhat recent past: Default Folder X is now at version 4.0.8 (some minor bug fixes), Together bumped to 2.1.6 (also minor bug fixes), and Pukka 1.7 was released (minor feature improvements to improve compatibility with the new Delicious).

For more information about the updates see the Default Folder X release notes, Together release notes, or Pukka 1.7 announcement.

WebnoteHappy update: 1.3.2

WebnoteHappyWebnoteHappy, my bookmark manager of choice, has been updated to version 1.3.2. This minor update includes shortcut support for the recently released Camino 1.6, the ability to tab to the tag browser, the ability to access tags via Applescript, and numerous bug fixes (one Leopard-specific).

For more details, see the release notes. If you’ve been wondering how to handle your bookmarks, WebnoteHappy is a great option. The only black mark against the program, in my opinion, is the lack of integration with Ma.gnolia (it’s Del.icio.us-only). Still a great example of a program that makes simple tagging just work.

Pukka update: 1.6.6

PukkaPukka, a Mac del.icio.us client, has been updated to version 1.6.6. This minor update finally quashes the last of the Leopard stability bugs that have plagued Pukka, so it’s a must-have if you’ve been experiencing crashes under Leopard. Tiger users may as well just grab it when the auto-update notices it.

For more information, see the 1.6.6 announcement, or the more informative 1.6.6 beta announcement.

WebnoteHappy and Booxter at MacSanta

WebnoteHappyWebnoteHappy, probably the best of the Mac bookmark managers, and Booxter, an intriguing alternative to Delicious Library (with admittedly mediocre tag support), are offered as MacSanta featured items today December 8, 2007 only for 20% off with the coupon “MACSANTA07″. If you miss out, though, you’ll still be able to get them for 10% for the rest of December.

I definitely recommend trying out WebnoteHappy if you haven’t already. Although it has some limitations (like only supporting del.icio.us and not my favored Ma.gnolia), it’s still a very nicely designed piece of software with solid tagging support.

Pukka update: 1.6.5

PukkaPukka, the del.icio.us client for Mac OS X, has been updated to 1.6.5. This minor update includes many changes and optimizations to minimize the possibility of getting throttled by the del.icio.us API, along with better error reporting to keep the user in the loop. The update also fixes a number of other problems and potential problems, including improvements to Spotlight performance and fixes for a couple of small memory leaks.

For the full blow-by-blow, see the Pukka 1.6.5 announcement.

Bookdog 5 adds tagging support

BookdogBookdog, a bookmarks manager for Mac, has been updated to version 5, an update that includes not only a simplified interface but also del.icio.us support and support for tags. The software has been released as beta software due to the extensive changes that have gone into it, but because it fixes several Leopard problems and is just generally more powerful, Sheep Systems recommends that all users upgrade. For more information, see the Bookdog release notes.

Bookdog is probably the most feature-rich bookmarks manager available, but its interface (while simplified and definitely better than version 4) is still very complex and not at all visually appealing. You have to make an effort to learn to use Bookdog, although you will be rewarded by being able to sync a lot more information across your browsers than other solutions provide. It’s pretty unfortunate, but despite its power Bookdog still feels somewhat like an OS 9 application.

Pukka update: 1.6.4

PukkaWell, I’ve certainly been out of it recently thanks to this weekend being a bit busier than I expected it to be, but in the interim Pukka, the Mac del.icio.us client, has been updated to 1.6.4. This minor update once more brings more compatibility fixes for Leopard.

For more information, see the 1.6.4 blog announcement.

WebNoteHappy update: 1.3.1

WebnoteHappyWebNoteHappy, the tag-friendly bookmarks manager, has been updated to 1.3.1. This minor update includes a couple of Leopard fixes to the tagging field, and the ability to select bookmarks with enter and delete them with forward delete.

For more information, see the 1.3.1 blog announcement. The update is available via the WebNoteHappy website or the program’s internal auto-updating.