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Upgrading to WordPress 2.3

Tagamac has been upgraded to WordPress 2.3, a release of the venerable open source blogging platform mostly notable for its inclusion of tagging. No longer shall bloggers be forced to suffer through Ultimate Tag Warrior’s bizarre installation and mountains of options. Tagging your blog posts is now officially supported.

Well, sort of. Unfortunately, WordPress 2.3 is very bare bones when it comes to tags. No auto-completion. No cloud underneath your editing window. You have to either remember all of your tags, or just go for broke with the random method. [read more...]

File system tagging

The fact is that people usually want to tag their files, but unfortunately file system tagging is still one of the most difficult and onerous tagging activities. Although there are a number of different tools now to choose from, if you want to use tags in your file system you will likely need to roll your own solution to some extent.

There are two main categories of file system tagging software: software intended to help you tag your files, and software that you can use to roll your own solution. Keep in mind that the focus of this series of articles is on helping you find software; coming up with a workflow will still be up to you (although I’ll be publishing some workflow advice down the road). [read more...]

Tagamac on Ma.gnolia

Ma.gnoliaAlthough Tagamac is focused pretty closely on Mac OS X tagging software at the moment, my interest in tagging is a bit broader. To feed this obsession of mine, I wandered over to Ma.gnolia and set up a new group called Tag Your Life. Currently I’m the only (lonely) member, but if you like tags, occasionally stumble across articles about tagging outside of Tagamac, and are a member of Ma.gnolia (or willing to give it a try), you should check it out. I promise not to post links to Tagamac unless I write something really, really good.

Why Ma.gnolia? Because visiting del.icio.us is like getting slapped in the face by the color blue. This is my first venture into the world of social bookmarking, and I’d rather see pretty flowers than try the site that started it all.

Tagging for productivity

I suppose I’ve put off talking about the actual tools you’ll use for tagging long enough. It’s time to do a run-down of the available tagging software with some advice from your’s truly on whether it’s worth using or not.

This series will focus on the different areas where you might be tagging: productivity (read: miscellaneous), file libraries and the file system, photos, bookmarks, and general writing. These articles will not contain specific workflow examples, however; I’m just pointing out the tools you can use. I’ll get to how best to actually use them later. [read more...]

Some tagging resources

My vision for Tagamac involves turning it into a resource that helps people with all aspects of tagging: understanding the concepts, finding software, creating a workflow, tagging consistently, etc. However, that’s a lot to cover, and it’s going to take me time to get to everything. While I’m plugging away at it, though, there are people out there who want to know how to tag right now. Quite frankly, in its current inception, Tagamac is not particularly helpful when it comes to jumping straight into tags. I don’t have any software recommendations or workflow advice; so far I’ve mainly been defining and offering basic guidelines.

I will try to get some software recommendations and reviews written in the near future, but it may be some time before I’m able to jump headfirst into real workflows. In the meantime, I’d like to offer some good resources elsewhere on the web that you can use to get your tagging system off the ground. Sadly, I haven’t been able to locate many good resources (which is a big reason I started Tagamac, actually), but at least there’s a few. [read more...]