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PackRat on sale today only

PackRatPackRat, a desktop client for 37signals’ Backpack, is on sale for 40% off today August 7th, 2007 only, available through the MacUpdate promo.

I have never used PackRat or Backpack, and thus can’t recommend either one. However, 37signals has an excellent reputation when it comes to web apps and I’ve heard good things about Backpack, which is essentially an online area for you to store notes, links, to-do lists, and more. Both Backpack and PackRat support tags for your notes, although the tags are basically just glorified categories. May be worthwhile, may be not. I leave it to your discretion.

PathFinder on sale today only

PathFinderThis has nothing to do with tagging. PathFinder is an amazing file browser that I use daily, and it is on sale for 43% off today August 1st, 2007 only. The deal is available through the MacUpdate Promo. I highly recommend you check it out; PathFinder may not have anything to do with tags but it’s still an amazing piece of software, and at $19.95 it’s a total steal.

If you think Apple’s Finder is the best way to browse your files, you haven’t tried PathFinder yet. Check it out!