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Like tagging, but uninterested in Mac software updates? Like software updates, but hate my opinions/advice on tagging? Only interested in software reviews? We’ve got you covered!

Tagamac offers custom feeds for every section of the site, allowing you to subscribe only to what you want to read. You can choose your preferred subscription from our RSS info page, or use the following links to subscribe to the main sections that were available at the time of this writing. [read more...]

Full text RSS is in the house

How long has it been since I first launched the site? A week? Two? And it took me this long to notice that my articles weren’t being delivered to RSS readers in full text. Tell me these things, people!

Tagamac now features full text RSS articles. Of course, RSS articles will have ugly formatted images (until/unless I can create a WordPress plugin that inserts inline styles) and if the article falls in a series it won’t include the table of contents, but those hard-core types who never want to leave their RSS reader should now be a bit happier (okay, admittedly I’m one of them). Apologies to all subscribers for taking this long to notice the problem.

RSS mixup

I just wanted to issue an apology to anyone who is using RSS to connect to Tagamac; I accidentally broke it today, but didn’t notice until tonight. It should now be fixed, however.